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Shenzhen bmax led display (smart vision technology)
headquartered at Bao'an, Shenzhen, is a pioneer in LED Display、LED Tv、LED/DLP Video Wall、LED Lighting and Touch PC All In One and so on. We specialize in designing, researching, manufacturing and selling all kinds of led products.We are an LED company you can count on for its good quality and competitive price.   Our products cover full spec and our management is advanced and effective, and also, we have brought up and gathered a lot of experts at BmaxLED, now we have become one of the leading companies in this industry in China.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Shenzhen bmax led display (smart vision technology)
values quality as our lifeline. From the raw material testing to manufacturing, assembly and aging test, we carry out every step one by one according to ISO9001:2000 international quality control system strictly to guarantee the quality. Our company is CE certified and ROHS Compliant. Our prices are very competitive based on mass production . Due to our OEM service,thus we have the honor to work for hundreds of customers in over 400 cities of 33 provinces in China, and we also have built long-term business relationship with the customers in USA、 Germany、Spain、Portugal、 Thailand、 Korea、 Poland、 Italy、 Mexico、 Chile、 Turkey、 Vietnam, Israel、 India、 Pakistan、 Kuwait、 Iran、 Romania and so on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               We also have a dedicated and professional international trade management team at your service, headed by a foreigner who has 8 years of experience in dealing with clients of different nationals and  5 year professional experience of working in UK. So why not honor us with a call or an Email, we will devote our body and soul to serve you, maybe we both have a new start about this business.